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What to Expect 

Eastern Grace Events outdoor concert area is an open-air amphitheater nestled behind Eastern Grace wedding venue and surrounded by Kentucky's natural beauty. With a walkable path allowing you to make your way around the ridgeline to pick a spot on the hill for the evening or sit upfront in our grass or concrete pad.

With multiple local food trucks you're surely to find something to curb your hunger or sweet tooth.

Take a break from the music and enjoy looking down on the property with a hot air balloon ride! 

Eastern Grace Events is committed to creating a safe and enjoyable experience, and we welcome your help in our efforts. 

Helpful Things to Know 

Things worth reading to make your experience more enjoyable. 


At this time we're Dry. So we're allowing ONE (15" x 12" x12") handled cooler with your select beer into the event. Coolers will be subject to inspection to make sure only beer is brought in. We DON'T allow any hard liquor, snacks, drugs or weapons into the event.

Food Trucks.

There will be multiple local food trucks to provide food and snacks though out the event.


We encourage carpooling. Our onsite parking is limited and will be tracked by your ticket purchase. We will have offsite parking location and a shuttle system to get you to and from the event. Your designated parking location will be on your ticket purchased. 

Foot Wear.

Wear comfortable walking shoes, as the walking path to the top of the amphitheater is uphill and a small hike and the surround property is gravel or grass.

Weather is Possible.

Our concert area is a full outdoor venue, so be prepared for adverse weather conditions. Event will go on Rain or Shine

Entering the Venue.

Upon arrival at your designated parking site, if parking at an offsite location there will be designated pickup spots and shuttles buses will continuously make rounds till all guest have been picked up. Upon arrival to the gate entrance, please have your bags open and available for inspection. Our management reserves final decision on items brought into the venue. 

Gates Opening.

Parking - We do encourage early arrival to help with processing and transporting guest to the event in a timely manner. 

Main Entrance - Main entrance will be open at 4 pm

Private Property

The grounds are private property. You will not gain access to the event without a ticket purchased from our website. Again this is private property and we reserve the right to remove guest from the grounds if they are being disrupted  (you will not get a refund if you have to be removed from the grounds)

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