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Outside Chair Setup


Make the full first row

  • Use 2 chairs off the front crack to make distance from arbor

  • Set first chair on the inside of the second measuring chair, making the center isle

  • Line the fronts of the chairs together 

  • For under 150 guest start with 6 chairs on front row

  • For over 200 guest start with 8 chairs on the front row

  • Once first two chairs are in place begin making the curve 

  • I use two fingers at the top of the chair to create the curve

  • Setup first two chairs, then bring in the third chair and line up the front leg "like picture above"

  • Then make the two finger space 

  • Repeat until front row is setup  

  • The curve isn't very drastic   


Building Rows

  • I think its easier and quicker to go one row at a time 

  • I walk the full length and just set the chairs out for that row

  • I use the inside isle chair to measure the distance between rows

  • Use the front and back of the measuring chair to decide on the row spacing

  • Over 200 guest count will need to be a tighter row to allow for all of the chairs

  • Below 200 can have a wider row to help fill the whole concrete patio correctly 

  • It's good practice to check how wide the row is around half way 

  • This helps to keep the full row the same width 

  • I like to walk to the end of the row and look down it 

  • Just another way to check to see if row is correct

  • In the left picture it got off about 4 chairs just go back and use the chair to remeasure the width 


Check rows 

  • Use the concrete cut lines to check rows

  • It will let you know if both sides are close


Add to the Sides 

  • If you need 20ish more chairs just add to the sides instead of making a new row 

  • Note: For the larger weddings if the back row goes all the way to the edge of the grass it could cause a tripping hazard so just go ahead and make another back row

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