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Eastern Grace Events

Dwaine Jr. & Terran Evans

(606) 547-8078

1570 Grace Heights

Argillite, KY 41121 

Tourism Group Meeting 

What We're Already Doing 

Our Plans for 2021 and 2022

Things We're Asking Help With

Things We're Already Working On 

1) First year in business: 2020 we ran 16 weddings with over 75% of our brides coming from 45 minutes away. So a lot of our guest are staying and utilizing our counties already. 

2) For 2021 we have over 40+ weddings booked with about the same percent of brides traveling to us. 

3) We've put together an interactive map to help our guest see what our tri-state has to offer them in hopes they will stay an extra day. "If you have recommendations let me know and ill add them"

Plan Your Visit | (

4) This year we're adding a walkable path around the top side of the amphitheater. Breaking ground for path March 22nd, weather permitted 

(2021) We have one open weekend "July 30th and 31st" we're wanting to run a concert on July, 31st as a trial run before 2022.

        1) I've contacted Halfway to Hazard to get pricing.

       2) I've got a hold on Cole Chaney, Josh Brown "Hard Liven Legends                    and the stage/lighting/sound equipment.

Our plan is to allow guest to bring their own 6 pack of adult beverage for free to event. We'll have food trucks set up, restrooms, etc.


(2022) We already have 16 weddings booked for 2022 so we have decided to put a hold on two weeks at the end of July just for concerts. 

July 21st - July 30th 

Our plans are to run anywhere from 2 to 6 events ranging from something below:  

       1) Thursday 21st (Local Artists) – with portion being donated to Meals                on Wheels.

       2) Friday July 22nd (Head Liner)

       3) Saturday July 23rd (Head Liner) with after party for ticket holders.

       4) Wednesday 27th (He’s Alive Christian Concert)

       5) Friday July 29th (Head Liner)

       6) Saturday July 30th (Head Liner) with after party for ticket holders.

The outdoor amphitheater will be able to hold around 6,000 guest. Once the walkable path is complete we will have a better idea of how many guest we can hold.

Our plans are to have multiple food trucks setup in our main gravel parking lot. Porta Potties in the over flow gravel parking lot and if we're able to get enough offsite parking and shuttle buses our over flow parking grass field can be used to allow vendors to come and setup.  (Again this is contingent to how much offsite parking we can get and enough shuttle buses for a timely flow on and off the hill) 

This is not limited to the below points:

1) Locating multiple large offsite parking places and getting written consent

2) Acquiring multiple shuttle buses to get patrons to property

3) Marketing and Promoting 

4) Setting up agreements with Radio Stations 

5) Alcohol Sales - It is still not clear if we're able to play off the Honeywell district in some way or have to get ourselves on the ballot. If we have to stay dry before events we're planning on allowing guest to bring a six pack with them at no charge. 

6) Workers - Paid and Volunteered  

7) Local police - help with security and traffic control 

8) Working with other tri-state tourism groups so we're all ready for the foot traffic that a concert will bring. 

9) Food truck referrals 

***Do you have any other areas in mind that the tourism group could help with?***

1) We've already started talking with or have been given the green light to put in a request for bands or agents on booking a few headliner bands:

       Sundy Best - will be reaching back out in September

       Whiskey Myers - will be reaching back out in April 

       Artist with WME Entertainment 

                Dylan Scott 

                Rodney Atkins 

2) We're already in contact with a local group for the stage, sound and lighting.  

3) The full plan from logistics, layout, budgeting, etc. 

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