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Cleaning After Event

1) Bar ice chest; remove ice and wipe out remaining water
2) Wipe surfaces down 
3) Clean warming rack and refrigerator 
4) Turn ice machine off if still ON
5) Hand mop

1) Mirrors and sink
2) Wipe down urinals and toilets 
3) Replace hand towels and toilet paper as needed 
4) Girls replace sanitary trash bags in stalls  
4) Hand mop

Main Building Floors
1) Leaf blow all concrete floors (main space, kitchen, bathrooms)
2) Hand mop kitchen, bar, bathrooms
3) Walk behind machine mop
   3.1) Mop middle space
   3.2) Move tables to middle
   3.3) Mop both side wings 

Guys Suite
1) Leaf blow

Girls Suite
1) Leaf blow

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