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Eastern Grace Disc Golf

Enjoy some fun with your bridal party! 

The course is designed around four different colored baskets. The hole number is colored to show you which basket you are throwing to. The starting point for each round, besides the first hole will start close to the last hole played. 

General Guidelines:

1. Stay out of the red zone (buildings, concrete, general area of parked vehicles), if the frisbee lands in the red zone and one stroke.

2. Once finished please put house frisbees back.

3. Watch for uneven terrain or moving vehicles 

4. These are suggested throw points, if you can't handle the walk please create your own throw points. 

5. Please be mindful of your surroundings, you are playing disc golf at your own risk. Eastern Grace is not responsible for any harm or damage that may occur during your game play. 

6. If a frisbee is lost or stuck on one of the roofs. Please email a brief description of where it is located and we'll retrieve it for future guest. 

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