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Collective Learning Co-op

Our goal is to provide an affordable, non-traditional classroom atmosphere where your children can gather and learn with other like-minded families. With the lower cost, we feel you will be able to save for other family necessities, engage in more enriching activities, or hire select professional teachers at a lower cost out of your wallet.

There will be a planning meeting every quarter to help establish the framework for the upcoming quarter. The goal is to allow everyone more freedom in determining how the available time is used while coming together to share knowledge, resources, and provide support for the growth and learning of all the children.


With the 8am to 5pm availability, multiple classes or events can be schedule throughout the day to help keep from overlapping subjects.  

There will be a parent portal to easily review planned calendar for events and classes for that quarter and year.

Our Vision

Providing a safe, secure location to be utilized in the development of your children's creativity and free spirit. This will be open to the public to allow multiple families to join. In the hopes that more families come together to collectively learn and teach. 

Facility Features

  • Wi-fi 

  • Central Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Built in Sound System & Light System (Dances, Public Speaking, Etc)

  • Covered Drive Thru if Raining

  • 160" Mounted Projector

  • One Keypad Locked Storage Closet 

  • 26- 8ft & 12 - 6ft Tables 

  • 300 Chairs

  • Prep-Kitchen with Ice Machine, Warming Box, Refrigerator

  • Handicap Accessible Restrooms

  • 9 Hole Disc-Golf Course

  • Outdoor Water Hookups

  • 60' X 70" Main Building

  • 45' X 70' Concrete Patio

  • Large Grass Area

Sample Events

Learn Under the Stars, Tent Camping - Date TBD

Father / Daughter Dance - Date TBD

Mother / Son Dance - Date TBD

Prom - Date TBD

Movie Night - Date TBD


The package allows for the use of the main building one day per week. We're looking at either a Monday or Tuesday, each family can give feedback on what works best. 

Access to the main building and property from 8am - 5pm and able to use later for specialty events upon request.

Price Per Child, two options to choose from:

  • 1 Year Membership $500+ tax 


  • Monthly $50+ tax 


Dwaine Evans 

(606) 547-8078

How Facilities Could Be Used 

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