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Before Event

Checklist Before Wedding

1) Check both restrooms for paper towel, hand soap and toilet paper

2) Check temperature if outdoor ceremony and hot outside set both thermostats to 64 degrees and turn fans on high 

    2.1) Check temperature if indoor ceremony set thermostats to a comfortable temperature 68 degree range

3) Turn bar under light on, set to white

4) Check ice cooler in bar, if not full of ice go ahead and fill up so ice machine can refill

5) Check where trash cans are located, make sure they aren't in the way (sometimes you might need to add an extra one in the kitchen because there is not a good space for them all) but normally:
2 close to guys restroom door 
1 in front of food tables
1 close to girls restroom
1 in Kitchen

6) Turn string lights on (push white button on string light remote to turn on the one set that doesn't come on all the way)

7) Turn on drive thru and parking lot lights (in DJ both on girls bathroom wall) rather have them on then forget them and someone trips and falls 

8) Walk down the grounds to make sure nothing looks out of place and no rocks on side walks

9) Check all trash cans if over half full go ahead and change out

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