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After Event Worker

Checklist After Wedding

1) Go ahead and bring ALL thermostats to 70 degrees and make sure the fan is on AUTO 

2) Wipe down tables

3) Stack chairs up on tables 

4) Rack all chairs (put 3 racks on each side of the main windows and the last 2 rack in the utility room)

5) Bring all the chairs from outside back into the building

6) First round of leaf blowing on main building and sweep up

7) First round of leaf blowing and sweep up of both suites once the bridal parties are out of the buildings 

8) Walk down the outside of the buildings and trash any waste

9) Turn off all string lights (main building and both suites)

10) Turn off main building up-lights, chandeliers

11) Turn parking lot and drive lights out if everyone has left

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