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Terran is the vision; Dwaine is the executioner; and Maddy is a whole lot of spunk with the sweetest little smile. This journey began in 2014 when I said I would love to own a wedding and event venue. Dwaine never let that dream die. We continuously searched for land but nothing seemed quite right. One day in 2017 we were contacted about land for sale and the more we tried to tell ourselves "no" we kept finding reasons why it worked. We built our house on the property in 2018 and started construction on the venue in 2019. 

We're Dwaine, Terran, Madelyn & Connor Evans. We were married in 2014, Maddy joined us in 2018 and Connor in 2021.


We can't wait to meet you!

It's been a busy couple of years but we're so excited for our dreams to become reality and share in so many joyful occasions with our guests.

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